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- Patty has provided countless meals for hungry families for almost 20 years. Customize your weekly meals with Patty and let her cook for you either in her kitchen or yours. 



- Minimize your time in the kitchen so you can focus on entertaining your friends. Whether it’s two people or twenty, Patty will swoop in and drop off food for you and your friends so you can enjoy a casual gathering in your home. It’s like eating in a restaurant under your own roof!


Special Occasions

- Patty will help you choose the right food and format for your special party. Patty provides the menus and food to choose from and also helps you organize full services including waitstaff, beverages and rentals.  Your catered event will be the party that everyone talks about! 

Special Occasions

Give the Gift of Patty

- Patty knows that not everybody is good at asking for help or even knows that a service like Patty's exists! If you want to give a friend or family member the gift of having chef-inspired meals prepared for them and their family, Patty is here to help! Nothing says "I love and appreciate you" more than a gift that gives people more time to live their lives.


Contact Chef Patty directly for more information 

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